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The Blob is a highlight for many visitors to Middle Park Camp. Firstly you must jump from a platform onto a large inflatable which is sat on the lake. After making your way along the inflatable you sit tight on the end and wait for the ‘blobber’ to jump from the platform onto the other end of the blob. Suddenly you find yourself flung into the air and then very quickly descending into the water with a splash. A great rush of adrenaline for those who love a sense of flying!


Jump on a bodyboard and go sliding down our 100m waterslide down into the lake at the bottom. Another favourite for many of our visitors.


A great team building activity, groups must work together to build their raft before racing the other team across the lake. If you don’t build a good enough raft you are guaranteed to get wet!

Climbing Wall

A new addition in 2018 we now have our very own 15m climbing wall. With different levels of
difficulty, it provides a great challenge for all ages and abilities. If you make it to the top you are rewarded with expansive views across the valley.


Another new addition in 2018, our assault course offers your group a series of physical challenges to overcome. From climbing up over a scramble net to plunging into water and under a submerged beam. A great opportunity for team bonding and overcoming fears.


We can offer ‘play sessions’ on the lake where your group can learn some skills whilst having fun playing games. We can also offer short journeys along the canal for groups who want to put their skills into practice over a longer distance.


A great activity for people of all ages and abilities. Learn how to safely load and shoot an arrow and see how many times you can hit gold.

All our activities are subject to availability of instructors and equipment. All activities are run by staff with the appropriate level of qualifications and experience and are covered under the relevant insurance and licensing regulations.

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